Avoid These Mistakes When Getting A Crane Rental

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If you run any kind of company that uses heavy equipment to get the job done, this might include one or more cranes. But there could come a time when you get an especially big job where your current heavy equipment isn't enough to get the job done in a timely fashion. Many construction and industrial companies in this situation today are choosing to get a crane rental instead of buying a brand new one, as this will help keep costs down. But when it's time to actually pick out your crane, don't make one of these rookie mistakes that could end up costing your company money.

Don't Rent a Crane for Too Short a Time Period

Construction projects are notorious for taking longer than initially expected. Maybe the weather was bad or you got tied up in a discussion over permits. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure every crane rental you get will be with you for as long as needed. You don't want to find out that you underestimated the length of the project and then find that someone else has already reserved your crane, which means you'll have to return it instead of extending your rental. Talk to the rental company about expectations and book the rental for longer than you think you might need. 

Don't Get a Crane Rental That You Don't Know How to Use

If the cranes you currently own are older, more modern cranes may have additional features or bells and whistles that your employees are not yet familiar with. When you go to rent a crane, talk to the rental company about what you currently have and ask if they have anything similar. To be clear, the basic function of the crane will be the same no matter how old or new it is, but the point is that you want to be able to work the rental into your daily workflow without missing a beat. If a fancy new crane will require additional training before your employees can use it, that might not be the way to go.

Don't Get a Crane Rental Without Insurance

Most rental companies will offer insurance in case anything goes wrong while the crane is in your possession. To be clear, a crane that breaks down through no fault of your own will be serviced or replaced by the rental company for free. But if a rental crane is damaged due to some other set of circumstances, you might be expected to pay for the damages. Getting insurance for this possibility is the smart move