A Look At 5 Common Issues With Mini Excavators

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Whether you are in the general construction business or you have a pool company, owning a mini excavator can be incredibly beneficial to your everyday operations. Even though smaller than the standard size, these pieces of heavy equipment have the power to maneuver dirt to reshape the ground, dig holes, and install trenches. Maintaining your mini excavator will be one of the most important things you can do. These machines can be prone to certain mechanical issues from time to time. Knowing about these issues in advance can help you be proactive if or when something goes wrong. Here is a look at some of the common issues with mini excavators.  

There can be issues with keeping the tracks properly tensioned. 

Not every type of mini excavator is outfitted with tracks instead of wheels, but the higher-end models do have tracks, and these tracks can have issues as the machine gets older. The most common reason owners have issues with these tracks is they will not retain the proper tension. Without tension, you have a hard time maneuvering the excavator on the ground because the tracks will slip. Luckily, track problems like these can be rather easy to mend with the help of a repair professional. It is less common that the tracks have to be fully replaced. 

There can be issues with the hydraulic lift system. 

The hydraulic lift system is what gives the scoop and arm the power to dig into the ground and lift the heavy weight. This system alone will require more maintenance than most other parts of your excavator. For example, the hydraulic oil may have to be changed periodically and seals may have to be installed as they break down. Even with adequate maintenance, it is not uncommon for owners to have issues with the hydraulic system of their mini-excavator and have to call on a heavy equipment repair service for help. 

There can be issues with the gearbox. 

The gearbox acts as the transmission; it holds the different gears that are used to propel the unit where you want to go. Mini excavators that have logged a lot of hours can oftentimes have a failed gearbox, and this unit will have to be replaced most of the time. In some cases, the gearbox can be opened up so that the broken or ailing gears can be reinstalled or repaired, but this is far less common. 

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